Middle School

Mountain Phoenix Community School offers an inspired curriculum for the middle school years–grades 6 through 8. Students begin the day at 8:05 with homeroom and go quickly to active classes such as band, orchestra, P.E. and Spanish.

The main lesson blocks are the heart of the instructional day, filled with in-depth learning in the areas of math, literature, language arts, history, science, and geography. The two hour main lesson that runs for 3 to 4 weeks, is threefold. A balance of thinking, feeling and willing activities are integrated into each lesson, so that active student learning takes place. Music and art are integrated into the main lesson where possible to enrich the learning experience.

Middle School education at MPCS leads to higher level thinking and other 21st Century ideals, including problem solving and working in teams. A broad understanding of history through time develops a sense of time and the contributions given to the world by various societies. Students learn Roman History; the Golden Age of Africa; Medieval Times; The Age of Exploration; Renaissance Times; American Revolution; Revolutions in Thought; Modern History and Current Affairs.

Science is rich in background knowledge and observational techniques that can lead to scientific analysis and methods for research. Science in the sixth grade includes physics, observational astronomy, geology, and electricity/magnetism. Students go on to explore anatomy and chemistry in the older grades.

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Quotes from Our Middle School Students About MPCS:

6th Grade:

Eden Weatherall, “I like the fact we interact and have class discussions, and we do lots of art. I think my teacher makes my learning fun. He doesn’t get mad if something is wrong. He just helps us to make sure we know how to do it right. At my old school, we’d just be given a worksheet or a book, and here we do things together as a class instead of (always) individually. My favorite part is how art, drawing and drama are incorporated into our lessons. I like that we have a class play every year.”

Jude Jansen, “We don’t have as many class (changes) but we have handwork, orchestra and more original classes. Orchestra is my favorite…I like the lesson blocks as opposed to different subjects every day. I feel more comfortable here, more so than in other schools. And, certainly better than a huge middle school.”

Judah Johnson, “I like that we get to draw more than at other schools. My teacher is nice to people who do things wrong. He gives them another chance. I like math and the main lesson and we learn about cool ancient stuff.”

7th Grade:

Simon Humphrey, “Our school is not as technology based, and we learn more because it is more hands-on and the lessons are more in-depth. My teacher knows what it is like in a public school, but here she has more freedom to add her own personality to the lessons. This school is more accepting than other schools. Social situations are much easier here.”

Sasha Pettus, “It incorporates all the arts in our lessons. We learn it through drawing, painting and story telling, not just writing it all the time. I love every bit about Mrs. Ward (her 7th grade teacher). She gets the message through in a very kind way. She makes her expectations known in a nurturing way, so I feel very comfortable. The way other schools taught, they tell you what to do and give you a worksheet. We learn here in a fun way. We are working but the work is enjoyable.”

Matt Williams, “I like the new building and this is a really fun campus. The classrooms are colorful! The learning is really fun because of the art, the geometry and astronomy. Learning about the world is really fun, too. This school is very big and has a big campus. It is different because of the main lesson books and the cool electives. Rocketry and performing arts are really really fun!”

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MPCS is an asbestos-free school. Copies of our Asbestos Management Plan are located in both the main and middle school offices for public viewing.