Middle School

Mountain Phoenix Community School offers an inspired curriculum for the middle school years — grades 6 through 8. Students begin the day at 8:00 a.m. with homeroom and go quickly to active classes such as band, orchestra, physical education, and Spanish.

The main lesson blocks are the heart of the instructional day, filled with in-depth learning in the areas of math, literature, language arts, history, science, and geography. The two-hour main lesson that runs for 3 to 4 weeks, is threefold. A balance of thinking, feeling, and willing activities are integrated into each lesson, so that active student learning takes place. Music and art are integrated into the main lesson where possible to enrich the learning experience.

Middle School education at MPCS leads to higher-level thinking and other 21st century ideals, including problem solving and working in teams. A broad understanding of history through time develops a sense of time and the contributions given to the world by various societies. Students learn Roman History, the Golden Age of Africa, Medieval Times, the Age of Exploration, Renaissance Times, American Revolution, Revolutions in Thought, Modern History, and Current Affairs.

Science is rich in background knowledge and observational techniques that can lead to scientific analysis and methods for research. Science in the sixth grade includes physics, observational astronomy, geology, and electricity & magnetism. Students go on to explore anatomy and chemistry in the older grades.