Current Families

Re-Enrollment Process and Paperwork
for Current Families
2017 – 2018 School Year

Does NOT include Registration paperwork

Registration for all students will be August 3rd & 4th, 2017

Re-Enrollment Forms

Please turn in a form for each returning student to the Main Office by Friday, January 20:

Re-Enrollment and Registration Deadlines for Returning Students in Early Childhood Education Program (ECE):

Due Date                   Item(s) Due

January 20th:               Grades Re-Enrollment Form

May 1st:                          May 2018 tuition paid, signed contract

August 4th & 5th:          Registration at MPCS, material fees paid

Re-Enrollment and Registration Deadlines for Returning Students in Grades 1 – 8:

Due Date                   Item(s) Due

January 20th:               ECE Re-Enrollment Form

August 4th & 5th:           Registration at MPCS & Materials Fees & required registration paperwork