MPCS’s 5th Annual FUN RUN — Friday October 7th

 This year the Fun Run structure will change to reflect a spirit of attaining a goal cumulatively as a group rather than emphasis on personal achievement. The hope is that all children will feel they can participate. It is important to have all children enrolled present that day as it is Count Day which determines funding our school receives. Each class will as a group determine what their goal for number of laps will be and that is what they will strive for. This being said, the goal from the Foundation is for each child to raise $75 in lump donations. Last year the Fun Run earned $32,000. This year we are hoping to raise $45,000! This money as in the past will be earmarked for PE equipment, professional development for our teachers. Also, each class if they reach their financial goal of an average of $75/child will have money deposited into their classroom accounts. The remainder will go towards the money already raised in previous years and is earmarked to purchase new playground equipment for the Primary playground! We are $30,000 shy of being able to replace the playground which is super exciting! Every dollar counts to make this happen this school year! We are working on plans for rewards for each class that meets its cumulative lap goal as well as their financial goal. For more details, see 2016 Fun Run: Laps for Learning. To  start fundraising, see the COGives Fun Run Page