News from Mr. Perez

Dear MPCS Community,

There are many times when I couldn’t believe how blessed I was to have such a rewarding job. I enjoyed every moment of my time at Mountain Phoenix — teaching hundreds of students how to play instruments and read music, writing new music for them, performing for our community, and sometimes just having silly fun with the kiddos.

It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided not to return to MPCS as an orchestra teacher next year. This has been an incredibly difficult decision for me to make but I feel it necessary to begin dedicating myself more to my passion of composing music. Many opportunities have presented themselves to me over the past few years but I felt compelled to continue my work at MPCS. I feel now that I should be taking advantage of these opportunities for personal and career growth. So, starting in August, I will be attending the UNC Graduate School studying Music Theory and Composition, teaching Music Theory and Composition at the college level, and hopefully writing a lot of music.

I will miss the community dearly but won’t be too far away and will occasionally stop by for a visit.

I am very thankful to MPCS for the support you have shown in developing this unique and awesome music program at MPCS.

Justino Perez

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