After School Art Enrichment (Fall)

Art! Art! Art! with Ms. Melinda (for 3rd-5th grade, on Mondays)

Class Description:  Are you a maker? Do you love to create?  This class is for You!  We will ignite our creativity by making paper mache animal sculptures for the first quarter.  Let’s learn art vocabulary and explore new materials.  The animal you choose to create does not need to be real, the wilder the better! For the second quarter we will learn to sew and stuff imaginary insects.  Does your insect have a super power?  An extra set of wings?  Join me on Mondays to set your imagination free, make friends and have fun! 

To register contact Melinda Stewart at, 785-608-6673

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Art Enrichment with Ms. Melinda (for 6th-8th grade, on Tuesdays)

Class Description:  Calling all artists! Come spend Tuesday afternoon creating to your heart’s content.  Projects will include a wide range of art materials including everything from drawing to sculpting.  We will build on your knowledge of art vocabulary and concepts to expand your abilities as an artist.  For the first quarter we will explore the idea of tessellations, repeated shapes in art.  Tessellations are a beautiful intersection of math and art with infinite possibilities for creativity.  In second quarter we will be printmaking, starting with linoleum carvings.  Tuesdays afternoons spent creating in the company of friends sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it?   

To register contact Melinda Stewart at, 785-608-6673

Additional information at

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