Significant Accomplishments


ACCOMPLISHMENTS – FY 2010-2011 & FY 2011-2012


  • MPCS Revenues increased $2,000,000 from FY 2010–11 to FY 2011-12 ($415,040 to $2,419,049 = $2,004,009); “Zero to 300 in 50 days” had MPCS acclaimed ‘talk of the town!’
  • MPCS Enrollment increased tenfold from FY 2010-2011 to FY 2011-2012 (35 to 372).
  • Enrollment Student Origin depicts 9-County Denver SMSA market-wide penetration – students live across the Denver area, from Aurora to Conifer, Longmont to Golden.
  • Enterprise activities (Pre-K; Before/After Care; Special Building Rent-outs, etc.) inclusive of new Colorado Child Care Licensure increased by over $500,000 ($525,953 – $17,232 = $508,727) from FY 2010-2011 to FY 2011-2012.
  • JeffCo School District Board of Directors voted unanimously January 19, 2012 to re-authorize MPCS for another 5-year contract citing its Waldorf-inspired curriculum’s presence as a unique choice, plus commenting about appropriateness of “Phoenix” name.  Board impressed with thoroughness of Application inclusive of Business Plan (Market Assessment & 5-Year Financial Pro Forma).
  • Successful negotiation of Campus Lease inclusive of Buildings, Grounds and Personal Property (FF&E, supplies, texts, etc.) as well as locked-in exclusive Purchase Option Price.
  • August 28, 2012 Professional Appraised value of MPCS School Campus is $6,650,000 whereas the Purchase Option Price is $3,175,000.
  • Investment Bond Memorandum underwritten by Oppenheimer Funds (unanimously approved by gubernatorial-appointed Colorado Educational Cultural Financing Authority – “CECFA” in two presentations, summer 2012) provides advent of four (4) relocatable “cottages” adding 4,000sf of classroom space to accommodate growth demand if 100 additional students as well as upcoming construction of “new” Great Hall (Phase I @ 10,000sf; Phase 2 @ 5,000sf) to accommodate growth of middle school enrollment plus provide for gymnasium, performing arts and 6 additional classrooms.
  • Enrollment has increased from 287.25 FTE to budgeted 375.5 FTE for purposes of JeffCo PPR (Per Pupil ‘Operating’ Revenue), an increase of nearly 90 students as well as increased Pre-K enrollment from 63 to 87.
  • Renovations to campus via capital improvements valued at $240,000 in expensed supplies and materials coupled with over 4,500 hours of volunteer time of the parent community.
  • Recruited and retained majority of both teachers and administrative staff support which has grown to nearly 50 employees; all who have purposeful support of Waldorf education.
  • Academic focus in FY 2012-2013 is advanced via new Dean of Students, new School Assessment Coordinator plus six Tutors/Interventionists, new Special Education leader, Occupational Therapist, and Speech & Language Counselor/s.
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    MPCS is an asbestos-free school. Copies of our Asbestos Management Plan are located in both the main and middle school offices for public viewing.