About MPCS

Mountain Phoenix Community School (MPCS) is a Jefferson County public charter school that offers a curriculum guided by the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education. Rich in the arts, music, experiential learning, and scientific inquiry, Mountain Phoenix’s educational approach is making a difference — allowing children to experience the expansive, imaginative joys of childhood, while inspiring them to become creative thinkers who can solve tomorrow’s problems. Students emerge from MPCS with a mastery of skills in alignment with state standards and a lifelong love of learning.

We offer:

  • An Artistic Approach to Education. Well-developed programs in music/orchestra, environmental stewardship, drama, and handwork enliven the academic curriculum and support deep understanding and academic success.
  • A Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum and Learning Environment. We recognize the stages of child development and fosters academic growth in a supportive environment that values each child’s learning style and level. MPCS is dedicated to making our students successful by understanding their personal rhythm and supporting the unique unfolding of their emotional and social intelligences.
  • A Free Public Charter School.  Our educational program is guided by the core principles of Public Waldorf education and is available to all families dedicated to this education for their children. Active parent involvement is an integral part of our thriving learning community. Parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of ways, from joining ongoing activities to school governance.

Come discover how an artistic approach to education awakens the imagination and brings wholeness and vitality to the classroom!

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