Charter School 101

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Facts about Colorado’s charter schools:

  • Charter schools are public schools.
  • Charter schools do not charge tuition.
  • Charter schools use non-discriminatory enrollment practices.
  • There are no test-in requirements to attend charter schools.
  • In 2016-17, there were over 115,000 students attending 238 charter school campuses in Colorado. This represents 12.7% of total K-12 public school enrollment in the state.
  • Charter school students must take state assessment tests.
  • Charter schools are subject to the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (commonly known as the No Child Left Behind Act).
  • Charter school teachers must be “highly qualified” under No Child Left Behind.
  • Charter schools serve a broad range of diverse students, including low-income, racial and ethnic minorities, and students with disabilities or other special needs.
  • Colorado charter schools continue to attract a variety of students and are located in diverse geographical areas across the state.
  • Charter school programs and academic designs are as diverse as the students they enroll. Some charters implement longer school days, while others implement curricula specifically designed for at-risk students, gifted children, pregnant/parenting teens, juvenile offenders, and more.

Thank you to the Colorado League of Charter Schools for providing the above content.