Name of Tool


What is the instructional intent of this tool?

Record keeping and grades for teacher use.

How do students interact with this tool? How do students access the tool?

TBD. We are considering the possibility of allowing middle school students to monitor their grades.

Do students create a profile?


If students do create a profile, what data is required to enter?


Link to online tool:

BigSIS – Integrated Student Information System

Tool’s privacy policy:

BigSIS is committed to protecting the client’s privacy as well as the privacy of people or users who the client adds into the BigSIS database. In keeping with that commitment, we warrant:

a) that we will not resell or abuse the client’s private information;

b) that we will not share any of the client’s information, including via website demos, without the client’s explicit written consent and that if the sharing of such information is mandated by the government, we will promptly advise the client of such so that the client can take any steps it believes necessary to secure its information;

c)that we has taken proper steps to insure the security of the information provided, including on all backup sources.

Weekly backups are also created and stored in a secure off-site location. All backup points are considered confidential and are treated accordingly.  The client will own all of their own data. The client will own all data they have entered into the BigSIS database itself as well as any data they have imported into the data-base from other sources.

Security and Other Obligations
BigSIS’s Obligations: We will provide the hosting for the BigSIS software and database that the client has been licensed to use. The BigSIS software and database is hosted and runs on secure servers that we lease from a large and reputable data center, and all our client sites run SSL (https) for both login and data transfer.

Sensitive data, such as passwords are (and in the future any HIPAA-type data that is added will be) encrypted in the database (and therefore in backups). BigSIS does not store credit card or social security numbers. The Company agrees to perform regular security assessments on the system and keep the servers up to date with all the latest security patches. In the case of a security breach, written or electronic notice will be provided to the client in an expedient time frame and without unreasonable delay, unless doing so is prohibited by the government. If an employee of ours who has access to client data leaves for any reason, we will take all precautions to ensure the protection of the data, including changing all passwords and locking out access to the ex-employee. We also strive
to stay in compliance with all federal laws, such as HIPAA, COPPA and FERPA, as they apply to BigSIS.