Diversity & Inclusivity Statement

Commitment to Equity, Accessibility, Inclusivity and Diversity

Mountain Phoenix Community School strives for an equitable and accessible educational experience and environment for all.   Our community embraces diversity in all its forms, including, but not limited to, differences in ethnicity, cultural and religious heritage, sexual orientation, gender expansiveness, socioeconomic background, geographic origin, and family structure. We provide our students with a rich, inclusive curriculum that reflects the world in which we live and fosters a safe atmosphere where every member of the community is respected and multiple viewpoints can be peacefully expressed.

Diversity within our community is an asset. For this reason, we actively cultivate this diversity in all aspects of school life including the composition of our student body, employees, Governing Council, and other parent/caregiver volunteer groups. We commit to work through the tensions that arise in the midst of genuine community and to use those tensions as a vehicle to critically and fearlessly self-reflect.

We believe this commitment to equity, accessibility, diversity and inclusivity will help prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s world. Our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is integrated into our community’s values as we hold ourselves accountable to operating in alignment with the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education.

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