GC Agendas, Minutes, & Important Documents

As required by law, the Governing Council conducts its business in public.  In addition to holding open, public meetings, the Governing Council maintains a section of the website as the primary means of distribution of information for upcoming regular meetings as well as all public documents in accordance with the Governing Council Communication Policy.

In an effort to facilitate access to all documents managed by the GC, a Dropbox has been created that contains the following:

  • Administrator Job Descriptions and Goals
  • Agendas, Packets, and Minutes
  • Board Training & Board Evaluations
  • ByLaws and Policies
  • Charter Document and Waivers
  • Council Committee
  • Current Month Agenda
  • Financial Statements and Audits
  • Organization Chart
  • Salary Scale
  • School Handbooks
  • Strategic Plan
  • Survey Results, UIP, and Success Indicators

To access the GC Dropbox, click here.

Publication Schedule for GC Packets, Meeting Summaries, and Minutes

The GC is committed to publishing the following in the Dropbox and posting it on the front page of the web site within the posted time frame:

  • GC Packet (agenda and materials) –  No less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.
  • Meeting Summaries – Within 10 days of a regular meeting.
  • Minutes – Within 60 days of a regular meeting.