Mission, Vision, & Core Values


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Flower Crowns at May Faire

Through a dynamic curriculum based on the core principles of Public Waldorf Education, the mission of Mountain Phoenix Community School is to cultivate each student’s capacity for creative thinking, effective communication, and interest in others that inspires thoughtful, responsible action in the 21st century world.


The vision of Mountain Phoenix Community School is to prepare students to lead in the world as resourceful, courageous, and compassionate global citizens who will take initiative to bring healthy change to their communities through conscious, informed, and independent thinking while empowering others to do the same.

Core Values

After a thoughtful community discernment process, the MPCS community chose the following core values:

  • community
  • creativity
  • health
  • reverence
  • integrity
  • stewardship


We cultivate belonging by nurturing relationships to enliven our shared vision.

Why Community Is a Core Value

We live in community so that our children may flourish.

How MPCS Leadership Demonstrates Community:

  • MPCS Leadership creates an environment of trust by listening and responding to our community’s needs, and supports healthy interactions.
  • MPCS Leadership continues to deepen and expand our understanding of the principles inspired by Waldorf education, and seeks to consistently align with them.
  • MPCS Leadership makes clear the function and responsibility of its interdependent parts, and appreciates their contribution to the whole.

How I Can Demonstrate Community:

  • I take a deep interest in the people around me.
  • I create a space of hospitality and cultivate new relationships.
  • I actively participate by listening with intent to understand, and expressing my feelings and needs constructively.
  • I commit to study and self-growth to support the mission of our community.


We work in freedom to bring our inspiration and imagination to life.

Why Creativity Is a Core Value

Following our enthusiasm unlocks our genius as a gift to ourselves and the world.

How MPCS Leadership Demonstrates Creativity:

  • MPCS Leadership provides a safe place for creative expression.
  • MPCS Leadership encourages people to live on their growing edge so they may awaken and embody their potential.
  • MPCS Leadership values and encourages the Arts as a mode of learning.

How I Can Demonstrate Creativity:

  • I make time to engage my creative process, try new things, and learn from mistakes.
  • I recognize the ideas, strengths, and talents of others and invite their contributions.
  • I take personal risks to help the community grow.


We thrive when we live within the rhythms of our natural and social environments.

Why Health Is a Core Value

When we nourish mind, body, and soul, we experience beauty, warmth, and resiliency.

How MPCS Leadership Demonstrates Health:

  • MPCS Leadership encourages reflection, forgiveness, questioning, and feedback.
  • MPCS Leadership nurtures the holistic development of the entire community through the principles of Waldorf education.
  • MPCS Leadership promotes and practices self-care and self-development in order to contribute fully to the community.

How I Can Demonstrate Health:

  • I speak directly to people to resolve issues as they arise.
  • I nurture myself with play, stillness, and time in nature.
  • I am kind to those around me.
  • I maintain healthy boundaries.


We stand in awe, wonder, and respect of the world before us.

Why Reverence Is a Core Value

When we honor each person as an essential part of the whole, we bring meaning and purpose to life.

How MPCS Leadership Demonstrates Reverence:

  • MPCS Leadership intentionally pauses to allow our higher purpose to infuse our work.
  • MPCS Leadership creates experiences of meaningful, mindful, and purposeful connection.
  • MPCS Leadership simplifies our environment so that we may protect and honor childhood.

How I Can Demonstrate Reverence:

  • I open myself to the world through stillness and gratitude.
  • I am true to my individual spiritual path while honoring others.
  • I cultivate the habits of courtesy and kindness.


We act in harmony with our deeply held beliefs and values.

Why Integrity is a Core Value

When we act with integrity, we build trust, inspire confidence, and experience our wholeness.

How MPCS Leadership Demonstrates Integrity:

  • MPCS Leadership acts in a spirit of transparency, and models clear and honest communication.
  • MPCS Leadership bases decisions on the vision and mission of the school, and follows through on commitments.
  • MPCS Leadership continues to deepen and expand our understanding of the community.

How I Can Demonstrate Integrity:

  • I am open, honest, and timely in my communications.
  • I work with others for the highest good of the organization, valuing principles above personality.
  • I deal with myself and others in a truthful, sincere, and forthright manner.


We use sustainable practices to nurture, protect, and guide our resources into the future.

Why Stewardship Is a Core Value

Our children thrive when we responsibly provide a beautiful, safe, and fertile environment.

How MPCS Leadership Demonstrates Stewardship:

  • MPCS Leadership provides opportunities to care for our campus and classrooms.
  • MPCS Leadership guides the growth of our children by cultivating a conscious relationship with their environment.
  • MPCS Leadership models and teaches wise management of resources for the greater good.

How I Can Demonstrate Stewardship:

  • I pay attention and take action when small deeds of stewardship present themselves.
  • I offer my time, talent, and resources as I am able.
  • I accept and respect my interdependence with all living things.