Applying for CCCAP

When Applying for CCCAP!

When applying for CCCAP, you may apply online or in person at your assigned facility. You will be asked what our schools License Number on your application is, it is #1609502. As of now, we are only accepting clients who live in Jefferson County but open to other counties as well. If you live in a different county, please reach out so we can prepare for the application process as this does take time to complete. In addition, Mountain Phoenix is not responsible for your eligibility that is up to Jefferson County or the County of your residence.


The application process can take between 45 to 60 DAYS depending if you apply in person or online. This also includes any additional verification that is needed from you by your caseworker. If verification is needed, you have up to 15 DAYS to submit. If you have missed the 15 day deadline, you may have to reapply. It is imperative you stay informed with all communication that is received from the assigned caseworker to proceed with the next steps. We wouldn’t want to have you start all over with the application process again which would be no FUN!

We ask for you to reach out to your child’s school and verify what payments are needed if necessary, before the application process. Since it takes time to find out if you qualify, we want you to be aware a payment could be made. We hope this information is helpful for you and your family of what is expected during the application process, please reach out to Ashley Mendoza for any questions at


Please click the following links below:

This link is for applying and for contact information:


This link is the application packet with eligibility requirements and more:—English?bidId=