School Calendar

Mountain Phoenix Community School offers a full and engaging community life enlivened by parent enrichment events, festivals, fundraisers, and community traditions.

To stay up to date, please refer to the following:

Printable School Calendar

You can print a static one-page school calendar that lists major MPCS events and the days that the school is closed.

2023-2024 Calendar – Updated

Lively Arts Homeschool Calendar 23-24

Mountain Phoenix Google Calendar

Review the MPCS Google Calendar for events at MPCS, such as festivals and board meetings. This digital calendar is the place to check for times and locations of our committee meetings.

The Mountain Phoenix Google calendar is displayed on the MPCS website and on ParentSquare.


Add the Mountain Phoenix Google Calendar to Your Phone, Tablet, or Email Account

Use the following info to add this calendar to your phone, tablet, or  your current calendar (ex. Outlook):

  • Calendar ID:
  • XML:
  • ICAL:
  • HTML:

For instructions on how to sync with your phone, tablet, and your personal calendar, see here.

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