CMAS Testing: April 9th – 27th

CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) testing will be held April 9th – 27th.  Students in grades 3-8 will be taking the CMAS assessments in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, and Science for grades 5 and 8.  All MPCS students will again be taking these tests on paper, rather than on the computer.

The overall schedule is as follows:

2018 CMAS Testing Dates by Grade Level


Grade Content Area Dates
3 ELA April 9, 10
Math April 16, 17
4 ELA April 9, 10
Math April 16, 17
5 ELA April 16, 17
Math April 11, 12
Science April 19, 20
6 ELA April 18, 19
Math April 11, 12
7 ELA April 18, 19
Math April 11, 12
8 ELA April 23, 24
Math April 11, 12
Science April 19, 20

Class teachers will share more details as the testing dates approach for your student.

How Parents Can Help
It is important to our school and our teachers that students are able to be at their best on these days. There are things you can do as parents and caregivers to support your student and show that it matters to you as well:

Attendance: Please make sure students are here and on time on testing days. Make-up tests interfere with other classes and cause students to miss important class time. Students arriving late will not be allowed to join a test session that has started.  Avoid scheduling doctor appointments and trips on these days if possible.

Rest & Nutrition: Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and eats a nutritious breakfast each day to be well prepared for the demands of testing.  Sending an extra snack helps, too.

Encouragement: As you would for any other challenge that your child meets, encourage them to do their best!  And please also assure them that they are smarter, more creative, and kinder to others than any test could ever show!

If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s participation in these assessments, please contact your child’s teacher or Maggie Payne, School Assessment Coordinator at

Thank you for continued support!

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