Rose Ceremony

rosesmallEvery year, our rhythm begins and ends with a Rose Ceremony.

The eighth graders, who are the student leaders on our campus, take a moment on the first day of school to welcome each first grader with a rose and accompany each child over the bridge to greet the first grade teacher. At this special moment when they cross the threshold from the world of play in Early Childhood over the bridge to first grade where they come to school to work and learn, we can imagine how each child will blossom as a unique individual in the classroom and in school.

The eighth grade and first grade student buddies then meet throughout the year to go on nature walks, jump rope, carve pumpkins, create chalk art, and do other activities that allow them to enjoy their time together.

At the end of the year, as a culminating experience, the first grade children give their eighth grade buddies a rose and guide them across the bridge, wishing them well as they embark on their journey out into the world.

If Ever Any Rose

by Melissa Kay

If ever any rose has touched your heart –
A sudden fragrance, or a sunlit hue,
Receive it now, enfold it in your soul.
It is the emblem of our hope, our dearest goal.

Consider how from hard dark wood it grows,
Climbing its thorny stem from leaf to leaf,
Until within its yielded calyx shows
An inward leap: a bud – not green – but red,
or white, or gold.

Now from the bud the blossoming begins,
As if an angel would unfold its wings –
Petal upon petal, breath by breath,
A light-borne fragrance floods the hallowed air.

In each of us (and among us all) a bud awaits our tending:
The sweet ascent of love – all thorns

Families of students in grade 1 and grade 8 are invited to this special event.