Spiral of Light

The Spiral of Light is a quiet and peaceful way to commemorate the start of the holiday season. It serves as a gentle pause from the hubbub and materialism that the season can sometimes bring. To set the mood, we make a spiral path of evergreen boughs with sweettwinkling golden stars and lanterns that cast a very subtle glow into the room. As the children enter the darkened, candle-lit room, a hush fills the space with quiet anticipation. Each child is given an apple with an unlit candle inserted into it, a symbol of life and light in the darkest part of the winter. Children then bring their candles to the “candle of life” in the center of the spiral where a spiritual helper stands ready to assist them and light the apple candles. To complete their journey, children carefully walk back outward and place the candles on a golden star on the path.

As teachers and parents, we are touched by the reverence and awe the children naturally feel for the event, in preparation for the holiday festivals. Adapted from a variety of the world’s traditions, many of which feature miracles and light of some kind, as well as evergreen plants, our own tradition was created to honor a part of the cultural background and heritage of many families. We strive to create a ceremony that celebrates what is universally human.

Guidance on Attire and Conduct

This is a time to dress beautifully. Long hair should be tied back and dresses should be more fitted than flowy. After all, there are candles involved. Heavy jackets and snow pants will be left in the waiting area. Babies in arms are welcome to attend this reverent event. We suggest that sitters are found for toddlers, as sitting for long periods in the dark may not be ideal. You will hear instructions from your teachers about this event.


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