Volunteer Requirement

Our community school depends on additional support from our families in the way of volunteer hours.

We ask that each family contribute a minimum of 4 hours per month to the school, or a total of 40 hours per year. If you have a part-time student, then your family requirement is 20 hours per family per year. Separate households or single parent households will be responsible for 20 hours per parent/guardian. Homeschool families do not have a volunteer requirement, but we are so thankful for any help you do provide!

You know best where your talents lie, so we welcome your creativity in determining your involvement. We also welcome grandparents and other extended family and friends who have talent and time to contribute!

Every family member who wants to volunteer must fill out a Volunteer Confidentiality Form and submit it to the Main Office.

At Mountain Phoenix Community School, the yearly parental commitment at Mountain Phoenix is two-fold: Volunteer Requirement and Giving (Monetary Donations) For more information on Giving, see the Giving page.

Unable to Donate Time?

We understand that sometimes it is not possible to donate your time. As an alternative to donating your time, you may do the following:

  • Send a Monetary Donation to the Foundation – You can buy out your volunteer hours for $10 per  volunteer hour. Send a check for the balance of your volunteer requirement to the MPCS Foundation. Donations can be dropped off in the Foundation’s box in the Main Office. Please note how many volunteer hours your donation covers and your name.
  • Provide In-Kind Donations to the School – Any in-kind donations made to the school may count towards your volunteer hours. $10 of donations equals one volunteer hour. For example, if you donated $20 of craft supplies for a craft project, that would count for 2 hours of volunteer time.

End-of-Year Donation Request

At the end of the year, we will send out a donation request for any unmet volunteer hours.

All donations will go directly to the MPCS Foundation and will be applied towards classroom needs, professional development for the faculty, and improvements to our facilities.