Winter Market

IMG_4852The Winter Market features local artisans, handmade gifts, holiday treats, food trucks, the Twinklestar Cafe, kid’s crafts, and the Little Elves’ Shoppe.

Little Elves Shoppe (Hosted by ECE)

Parents from each ECE classroom work very hard to create gifts for the Shoppe each year. The gifts are stunning — with true craftsmanship, thought, and quality.

The Little Elves’ Shoppe will be open for ECE through second grade children only. Students will be led through the Shoppe by an elf (ECE teacher or assistant). The elf will help the student select a gift and create a gift tag. Each student may go through the Shoppe one time and choose one gift. All proceeds will go to the ECE Program.

TwinkleStar Cafe (Hosted by the 5th Grade)

The fifth grade classes will be providing ECE through third grade children an opportunity to visit the TwinkleStar Cafe to have a gluten-free snack.c

Student Marketplace

Gifts and Crafts starting at $2!