Congrats to Everyone, We Hit Our Fun Run Goal!

Over the course of several weeks, over a thousand people donated to our Fun Run. We raised $40,997, beating our goal by about a thousand dollars.

It truly takes a village to bring this much support to our school. And we’re excited to put these resources to work: supporting our teachers, the ECE playground, our Music, Art, and Theater programs.

Our success is a collective effort. But we also had several champions. Including one family who decided they wanted to bump their classes to hit their goal. And as it was one of our final donations, not only did it bring both her classes to 100% of their goal, it pushed us up over our school goal too.

So I want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. To every parent who helped their kiddos get ready for the run. And every neighbor, coworker and friend who gave because they know how much we love our school. To Mattie and Megan and Jenny and Michael; and all the vollunteers who helped race day go so beautifully. To all the behind the scenes folks who helped set up donation pages, accounting spreadsheets, and promotional efforts. And thanks to our kids who ran their hearts out. And of course to all our teachers, who inspire us each day.

I also want to congratulate several classes who did particularly well in their fundraising.  Auntie Joy, Mr. Dushman, Ms. Hollandsworth and Ms. Valdez all hit their goal, and have earned $500 toward their classroom account. And Ms. Bethany, Ms. Christine, Ms. Minnata, Ms. Olivenza, Ms. Gigantiello and Ms. Elizabeth raised more than 75% of their goal, and will receive $250 toward their classroom account. And of course 5% of all the money raised goes to the Games department, for all the equipment and needs they have.

Dan Dial
MPCS Foundation President

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