Curriculum Spotlight: Freehand Geometry Main Lesson Block (5th Grade)

Geometry is all around us, particularly in the natural world. Geometry can be found in the stars and orbit of planets above, in the formation of crystals in the depths of the earth. It is found in leaf formations or in the petals of a flower, in the work of animals such as the honeycomb, and lastly within the human form (golden mean).

The emphasis of this block is for the children to be introduced to the “language” of geometry and to have an artistic experience while drawing geometric forms. To achieve this, the students will not be using instruments such as the ruler or compass. Instead, the children will be drawing circles, lines, and other forms freehand. The intention is for the children to learn geometry through their hearts first and later through their heads or intellect. 

Once the children become familiar with the language of geometry and have lived into geometry artistically, they will have the opportunity to solve geometry problems more formally in sixth grade and beyond. Students will use the compass and ruler in sixth grade for more precision and then be introduced to Projective Geometry in seventh grade.  

–  Written by Christa Valdez, MPCS 5th grade teacher.