2019 Summer Camp

Open to Completed Kinder through Completed Grade 4 Children
(meaning the youngest campers have completed kindergarten and are going into first grade and the oldest campers have completed 4th grade and are going into 5th grade).

Camp will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p .m. (with after-care until 6 p.m) at Mountain Phoenix Community School.

Each week we plan a “nature walk” day to the creek/park where we will have a picnic lunch and activities.  There will also be a Field Trip and Special VIP Guest Visitor each week.


  • Camp Session: $280 per week + 10% Sibling discount 
    (This includes a field trip each session that ties into the weekly theme.)
  • After Care: An additional $100 per session – there will be no before care.

(June 3 – 7): Week 1 – Water World

Get ready for a wet, wild and wacky week! Activities and projects will include explosive water balloon art, sand castle competitions, making fishing poles (to go fishing with of course!) and more! We will be exploring water science through engaging, hands-on experiments.

Contingent Field Trip: Water World or Aquarium

Special VIP Guest Visitors: Fire Fighters

(June 10 – 14): Week 2 – We Can Build It!

If you can think it, we can build it!  This week will focus on how we are all “MAKERS” at heart.  We will have a community LEGO building project through the week, collectively creating a small town/city.  And of course every city needs a Super Hero, which we will also be creating.  Other activities include outdoor skills (setting up tents, making safe fires, bear-bags, etc.), soap making, map reading, scavenger hunts, instrument making and more!  Come see what you can build!

Contingent Field Trip:  Museums or Home Depot

Special VIP Guest Visitors: Resident Artists

(June 17 – 21): Week 3 – Let’s Art: Visual Arts, Cooking, and Music

Define “Art”: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination…

Get ready for a week of delicious and beautiful creation for all the senses.  We will be making snacks and dishes from different parts of the world. Continue the cultural experience with instruments and music from all corners of our beautiful earth. Art projects for the individuals and community will include handwork, fine art and more.

Contingent Field Trip:  Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt

Special VIP Guest Visitors: Drum Circle or Dances of Universal Peace

(June 17-21): Designer Week – Special additional session just for older campers – completed grades 4-7

Come join your friends and design the week you have always wanted. What could the week hold? Bring your creativity and some friends. You could make it, bake it, look for it, find it, travel to it, climb it, swim it, act it, or maybe even cook it. Who knows? But what’s for certain is that it will be fun!

(June 24 – 28): Week 4 – Game Geeks and Animal Seekers

Learn about the wildlife of Colorado.  Create your own creature.  Learn and play a plethora of differing board games.  Explore the world of predators and prey.  A game based week full of movement, strategy and animal exploration.

Contingent Field Trip:  Game Stores (The Wizard’s Chest)

Special VIP Guest Visitors: Game Designers

To Register

Complete the following registration form and send it in with a $25 non-refundable deposit to secure a space! Don’t wait!