Before and After Care

Apollo After School

For the 2018-2019 school year, Apollo After School will provide before care for grades students and after care for ECE and grades students.

Mountain Phoenix staff will provide before care for ECE students. You can find more information here: ECE Before Care

The Apollo After School program develops skills and interests that help children succeed both in and out of school. Our clubs create a fun and healthy learning environment for our students through a mix of physical, intellectual, and social activities.

To learn more, review the following flyer from Apollo After School:

Mountain Phoenix Apollo Afterschool Flyer

*Apollo After School does not operate on days when there is no school.


Registration fees:

Prior to August 5th: $25 per student

After August 5th: $50 per student

Registration is done completely online, at this link:

Contact Info

Phone:  855 – 542 – 7277