Early Childhood Education

Mountain Phoenix Community School, a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education, offers a joyful, nurturing setting in our Early Childhood Program that inspires the imagination through creative play, storytelling, puppetry, music, movement, and art.

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Healthy Development of the Physical Body

Emphasis is placed on the healthy development of the physical body through practical activities that include handwork, crafts, baking, cooking, gardening, sweeping, digging, nature walks, and plenty of time outdoors.

Foundations of Language, Literacy, Mathematics, and Science

cookingThe rich foundations of written language and literacy are established with an emphasis on the oral traditions of storytelling, puppetry, and song. The foundations of mathematics are nurtured through rhythmic movement, music and the practical activities of cooking, sewing, gardening, and carpentry. Attention to, and care of, the natural world and its beauty lay a healthy foundation for more precise scientific explorations in the later years.

Nurturing Environment and Gentle Weekly Rhythm

Great care is taken to provide an environment that brings nurturing guidance and cooperation into the child’s world of imagination and fantasy. The week is rhythmically structured to include storytelling and puppetry, creative work and play, singing and creative movement, games and finger plays, crafts, art activities, and fairy tales.

Learning through Imitation and Example

MPCS recognizes that the young child learns primarily through imitation and example. Since the young child’s response to the environment is imitation with openness and trust, the teacher’s goal is to become a worthy role model in gesture, mood, and speech.Responsibility for self and others is encouraged through attention to sharing, caring, and taking care of our classroom and play yard. The teacher strives to create an environment, both inside and out, that is beautiful, orderly and calm, yet also stimulating.

Play-Based and Nature-Oriented Curriculum

The curriculum is play-based and nature-oriented in keeping with the children imaginatively and creatively self-direct their play. Natural materials and open-ended toys are selected to nourish the senses and support the children in developing their imagination, creativity, focus, flexibility, and their motivation to engage with the world and others. The play times are interspersed with circle time (language arts, movement, and music), artistic activities (which vary daily and include painting, drawing, and beeswax modeling), snack time and story time.

This text above is adapted from the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and revised to reflect the program at MPCS.

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