GT Program

Gifted and Talented at Mountain Phoenix Community School

What does GT education look like at Mountain Phoenix?

Mountain Phoenix Community School is not a GT center program. At MPCS we strive to recognize and meet each student’s unique individuality through public Waldorf curriculum and programming available to all our students. MPCS encourages enrichment beyond the basic curriculum by offering instructional strategies that accommodate identified learning styles and differentiates through depth and complexity within the curriculum topics of the grade.

One of the core principles of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education states:

“Each human being is a unique individual who brings specific gifts, creative potential, and intentions to this life.  Public Waldorf education addresses multiple aspects of the developing child including the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, cultural, moral, and spiritual.  Through this, each child is helped to integrate into a maturing whole, able to determine a unique path through life.”

Advanced Learning Plans at MPCS?

An Advanced Learning Plan at Mountain Phoenix Community School is developed for every GT identified student according to the student’s strength area(s), interests, and instructional and affective needs. An ALP at MPCS is most appropriate after the completion of third grade, due to the 9 year change, when a child is becoming more aware of themselves as an individual and developing their sense of self. ALP goals are created collaboratively based on input from the student, the parent/caregiver, and the teacher with the intention of helping the student achieve balance for a well-rounded education.  Students are involved in the creation of the ALP goals to engage in the process of learning and to develop connection to their goals. One academic goal and one affective goal will be developed by late fall of each school year. Goals will be progress monitored throughout the year by the student and teacher and reviewed with parents at the regularly scheduled parent/teacher conferences.  

Gifted and Talented (GT) Identification flow chart: 


If you are new, prospective family and have further questions regarding GT at MPCS, please reach out Julie Ortiz,

If you are a current family and would like to discuss the GT process further, please reach out to Liz Hartman,