Registration Information

Registration is different from Enrollment!

Enrollment happens in January, registration happens in August.

This web page will be updated in spring/summer 2019 with registration details for August 2019.

To help registration go smoothly, please complete the following steps and bring your paperwork to registration:

  1. Use these detailed instructions to walk you through the required updates and payments in Jeffco Connect: Jeffco Connect Instructions
    • If you do not pay your materials fees prior to registration, please bring a check to registration to expedite the process.
    • Homeschool  families: If you have not already paid the materials fee of $75, please bring a check to registration.
  2. Print Permissions & Waivers and bring to registration. One form for each student is required.
  3. Print and complete 2018-2019 Family Economic Data Survey and bring to registration. One per family is sufficient.
  4. Print and sign the School and Family Partnership Agreement and bring to registration. One per family is sufficient.
  5. Review the following clinic information and bring any forms to registration that applicable to your students:
    • Immunization Forms: Bring a copy of the immunization records for all ECE students. Bring a copy of the immunization records for any grades students with updates.
    • Immunization Exemptions: If you choose not to immunize, you must submit exemption forms. Please navigate to this link to print out the appropriate exemption form (Medical or Non-medical) to bring to registration. If you would prefer to fill out an old exemption form, Suzy will have those in the clinic at registration.
    • Medications:  If your child will need medication(s) at school (this includes over the counter and prescription medications), please navigate to this link to print the Medication Agreement form. Have your  doctor sign this form and bring to registration along with the medication in its original bottle with your child’s name clearly marked.
    • Additional Clinic Forms: If needed, please navigate to this link to print the Asthma Care Plan and Anaphylaxis Care Plan forms.
  6. ECE students only: Print the General Health Appraisal Form, have it filled out by your child(ren)’s pediatrician, and bring it to registration. It is likely that your doctor also has a copy of this form in their office.
  7. ECE students only: Print and complete the Vital Info Card and bring it to registration.
  8. This year, we will sign the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement through ParentSquare. Watch for this message after  registration. Every parent/guardian who plans to volunteer needs to fill out and submit this online form.
  9. This year, we will gather photo permissions for your children (for the yearbook, marketing materials, and social media) through ParentSquare. Watch for this message after registration.


  • Print and complete the Records Request and bring to registration.
  • Bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate to registration.


If you have questions about registration for preschool or kindergarten, please contact Ashley Mendoza.

If you have questions about registration for the grades, please contact Sara Merkel.

If you have questions about registration for the homeschool, please contact Lynn Pollitt.

Important Considerations

You cannot take your paperwork with you.
No materials will be accepted prior to registration dates.
You cannot register during other school days/hours.