Family Council

The role of the Family Council is to support the mission of Mountain Phoenix Community School, programs, students, teachers, and staff. Family Council fulfills this role by building community with fundraising, creating volunteer opportunities, and providing caregiver parent enrichment while nurturing our MPCS culture festivals and events.

Ideally each class at the school is represented in the Family Council. These representatives attend Family Council meetings and conduct the business of the Family Council. ALL  caregivers are encouraged to attend and have their voice heard at these monthly meetings. 

Family Council Documents

To view the current Bylaws, click here.

Get Involved!

Festival Work & Fundraising Committees

The Family Council reunites our community at the beginning of every school year by hosting the Harvest Festival. It is a community run event that kicks off Michaelmas with a chili and pie potluck, apple pressing, marshmallow roast and activities for the children! They also host our annual Winter Market, Book Fair, Respected Elders’ Day, Plant Sale and Teacher Appreciation Week.


Want to learn more about festival work and fundraising? Join us!

Join the Family Council ParentSquare Group, email to find out about our meeting times or check the MPCS Google calendar. We look forward to welcoming you.


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