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Baby Products

Hip Violet

Locally handmade baby baby bibs including my popular Colorado Flag and Grateful Dead baby bibs, and bibs made from upcycled vintage bed sheets. All Hip Violet bibs are oversize to cover messy eaters, feature toddler-proof snaps, cotton fronts that soak instead of drip, and are machine wash and dry.

Free delivery to MPCS with coupon code SCHOOLPICKUP


Roost Farms
(303) 330-9237

Organic urban farm in Wheat Ridge featuring honey, eggs, & veggies.
Community Supported Agriculture program.

Farmer: Chris McCune

Natural Medicines & Body Products

Vital Roots Herbal Care

Vital Roots Herbs

Lori Roop is a certified clinical herbalist, a clinical nutritionist, a craftsperson of artisan body products, a chronic illness survivor and a wife and mom to two incredible kiddos. (Her oldest was the very first kindergarten class on the Wheat Ridge Mountain Phoenix campus and their entire family has loved Mountain Phoenix!)

Lori is a nature lover who is passionate about igniting the vitality that resides in all of us. She knows that creating a baseline of good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is the best foundation anyone can build.

Lori sees clients from all around the world to help them find the root cause of their issues and find the the very best health they can achieve.
Lori has provided her famous "dragon juice" herbal tea to Mountain Phoenix kiddos in their classrooms, Pentathalons and MPCS events for years. In fact, she created dragon juice, an herbal, non-caffeinated, no added sugar tea, when her kids were young so they could have something bright colored and yummy that wasn't juice or kool-aid. It's chock full of nutrition for growing kids and immune support for everyone!

Lori also has herbal baby care products, an herbal facial care line, all natural perfume oils and more. Her promise to customers is to never use any synthetics and she has held fast to that oath for the past 20 years. She has taught classes around Denver at many different herb shops, herb schools and various herbal conferences and routinely writes herbal and health-related articles for many different health and herb focused publications. Please feel free to message her on her website with any questions!

Herbs and Art

Natural wellness and metaphysical shop. Dried bulk herbs, herbalists, essential oils, books, crystals, incense, jewelry, gifts, tarot readers and astrolgers


Canned Goods

CANNED GOODS repurposes tin cans into products you want and gives one can of food for each item purchased through our CAN DO GOOD program. We amaze our clients by creating the unexpected out of an ordinary piece of household metal. Simple, modern, classic, handmade goods from upcycled tin cans.

Moona Creations

@moonacstudio on Instagram

I make small batches of handmade jewelry made with recycled metals, repurpoused materials.