Pick Up and Drop Off FAQ

Why is the drop-off and pickup queue in the Frontage Road parking lot?

  • Reduce traffic and street parking on the Miller Street side to create the safest environment for pedestrians and our ECE families.
  • To reduce congestion out of respect for our neighbors.
  • To create the most efficient system in reaction to the limited parking on our property.

Why can’t we drop-off in front of the gate in the Miller Street parking lot?

Drop-off is only allowed in the circle in the Miller Street parking lot. When you stop in front of the gate, it blocks traffic that is coming to use the loop and the handicapped parking spots.

Why can’t we park on the south side of 47th Place and the cul-du-sac?


Many of our neighbors purchased their houses when MPCS was still a small school and now that we have grown almost double in size, twice a day, every weekday, they have to deal with parents who park “for just a quick minute” while they get their children. To reserve spaces in front of their homes,

 most of the cul-de-sac is now permit parking for residents.

Please NO parking on 47th Place. 

Why can’t I park in the crosswalks and corners?

crosswalkCrosswalks and corners are the safest way for parents and students to cross the street. When a car is parked in them, this defeats the purpose of having a dedicated space with good visibility for crossing. To keep all of our families safe, we encourage everyone to use the crosswalks and not cross between cars on Miller St. 

Why can’t I get out of my car in the pickup line?

We have over 600 students at MPCS that need to be picked up and dropped off within a small window of time every school day. To create the most efficient system possible, it is important that cars in the queue keep moving and pull up as far forward as possible.

Why can’t we pickup on areas outside of the queue?

The queue system was created  to maintain a safe environment for all students. Picking up elsewhere compromises everyone’s safety. Additionally, families are expected to comply with policies and procedures. All families are equally important and special rules and breaking policies create discontent.