Sun Safety

dandelionssmallSun safety is a priority at MPCS. We support sun safety in the following ways during the school day:

  • Every student in the ECE program and lower grades is required to wear a hat when they are outside during the school day.
  • Classroom teachers in the ECE program and lower grades apply sunscreen to their students prior to them going outside for recess.

Ways You Can Support Sun Safety

Please support our classroom teachers by doing the following at home:

  • Require your young children and encourage your adolescent children to wear hats at all times when outside. When appropriate, support our classroom teachers by talking to your children about the importance of wearing a hat and why it is required at school.
  • Apply sunscreen before school and send it with your children to be re-applied during the school day. We recommend using a sunscreen that provides protection in the range of  SPF 30 to SPF 50.  To assist you in choosing sunscreen, we recommend this list prepared by the The Environmental Working Group.