GC Meeting Summary – August 2015

Governing Council Summary

August 27, 2015

The Governing Council convened their regularly-scheduled meeting on Wednesday, August 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room of the Administration Building.

Highlights of the Meeting

Update from Kelly on Public Waldorf Education Movement

The Director of Education gave a presentation on the history, progress, and future of the partnership between the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and ASWNA. She discussed the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education as well as the pilot program for licensing the term “Public Waldorf.” The phase “Inspired by Waldorf Education” may no longer be used and must be removed from our literature, website, and other platforms by Dec 2015. Currently, MPCS is a member of the Alliance for Public Waldorf Education and is categorized as a “Developing School.” Further discussion will take place at the Governing Council retreat on how this will impact MPCS and the school’s strategic goal of becoming a national leader in the Public Waldorf movement.

Curriculum Committee Update

The Assistant Director of Education presented a progress report from the Curriculum Committee who was tasked with clarifying the scope and sequence as it relates to Waldorf curriculum in a public school. Grades 1-5 Literacy and Math were presented. More work is being done and will be presented when complete.

Faculty Updates

All faculty representatives were present and shared the activities around the start of school:

  • ECE  – The ECE representative shared their concern with the ECE playground and the great need for improvements. They would like to use the $4,000 ear-marked from fundraisers to purchase equipment for the playground.
  • Primary Grades – The Primary Grades representative shared their work to develop healthy recess play and improvements to the recess scheduling.
  • Middle School – The middle school representative shared their gratitude for the construction of the upper floor of the middle school building.

MPCS Foundation Update

The MPCS Foundation is now part of Colorado Gives Day that takes place the first part of December. This will greatly assist the Foundation in meeting their Annual Give goals.

Parent Council Update

The PC is working with the DE to develop a Parent Enrichment schedule for the year. Committees are off to a good start planning for the festivals and other activities. They would like Governing Council members to attend their meetings to improve communication between the two groups.

2015-2016 GC Committees

Governing Council Committees were solidified for the year and the following members will serve as Chairs:

  • Finance Committee, Rich Peters
  • SAC Committee, Nathan Ballenger
  • Master Planning, Kyle Schurter
  • MarCom, Gina Schley and Nicole Dominic
  • Strategic Planning, Kyle Schurter and Julian Tonsmeire
  • Ad Hoc Committee—Policy Task Force, Gina Schley and Nicole Dominic

Core Values Officially Adopted

The Core Values that was worked on collaboratively by the community was officially adopted and the Strategic Platform will be updated to reflect the changes.

MPCS Organization Chart Updated

The MPCS Organization Chart for 2015/16 was updated with new employees, Governing Council Representatives, Parent Council, and Foundation members. It will soon be available on the website.

Charter Renewal

MPCS will begin work on the Charter Renewal for 2016. Council Representatives plan to work collaboratively with administrators to ensure a successful submission.

Next Meeting

The next regularly schedule meeting will be held on September 23rd at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room.