GC Meeting Summary – October 2015

The Governing Council convened their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, October 28 in the Community Room. Highlights from the meeting are as follows:

  • Director of Education – Discussed the process with the Alliance of Public Waldorf Education. Made a goal to get into every class to observe and talk with teacher about their goals. Almost completed. Highlighted mentors coming to work with our music program from Emerson Waldorf School.
  • Director of Operations – Highlighted the new tech service providers. Improvements have been going well. Pass fire inspection. Planning for lock down drill at the end of November. Dirk will provide job description for new Operations position and info for organization chart at the November meeting.
  • Grades – Eric spoke on full compliance with dress code, faculty is having discussion on how they approach compliance on Halloween. Discussed faculty working together to improve playground coverage. Grades teachers are starting to read aloud the Rudolf Steiner lectures in a group study.
  • Middle School – Rob spoke on the 6th grade returning from field trip. Discussed someone coming to help with Community Arts program. Several middle school students are starting to visit high schools. Recommendation for MPCS to look at having a HS Open House for our students and parents.
  • ECE – Celebrated that they broke ground on a new playhouse. More equipment was purchased (buckets and shovels). Conferences were held with parents. Teachers communicating the Enrollment Policy to parents. Preparing for Lantern Walk. Production mode for the Little Elves Shoppe for Winter Market.
  • Parent Council – Preparing for Lantern Walk. Scrips are now in a binder that is found in the main office. Monday and Fridays they are on sale in the front office. Indoor vendors for Winter Market are full. Outdoor spots are still available. Pizza Fridays was discussed. New options were discussed with changing to Lucky Pie. New options will be discussed with the Parent Council members.
  • Foundation – Highlighted the success of the Fun Run already surpassing their goal. Wonderful participation!
  • High School Research Committee – Highlighted that Ruth is visiting several out-of-state Waldorf schools. School is not paying for travel. Discussed this would be a long process, minimum 3-4 year process. Kelly made a statement that she would support a 5-year plan and has many contacts to share.
  • Policy Task Force – Several policies were brought forth for a first read: 1.) Student Attendance Policy, 2.) Purchasing Card Policy, 3.) Drop Off & Pick Up Policy. They will be voted in at the next meeting.
  • Presentations – Kelly discussed the work of the Alliance and the need to clarify the curriculum at MPCS. Using the template that came from the Alliance, she used the template’s narrative form to use for MPCS and the second one how they align with the Common Core. Discussed the two documents that fully articulate the curriculum. The faculty saw it on Friday. The Governing Council voted and adopted both curriculum documents. They can be viewed here.
  • 2015 Employee Handbook – The main change was around the Restorative Discipline Policy as a trial basis and pilot for this year and the organizational additions. Will have revisions in it at the end of the year. Discussion around the Conflict Resolution Process. Discussion around school communications and media communications.
  • Goals – The Governing Council reviewed and accepted the school’s goals for 2015-16 as well as the DE and DO’s goals for the year. They can be viewed here.
  • Job Descriptions – The DE and DO job descriptions were revised as well as the Community Relations & Enrollment Coordinator’s job description.
  • Mission/Vision Ad-Hoc Charter – Nathan presented the charter for the Mission & Vision Ad-Hoc Committee.
  • Pledge of Allegiance at MPCS – The GC was informed that a parent went to the District and stated that MPCS refused to say the Pledge of Allegiance. MPCS now gives students an opportunity to say the Pledge of Allegiance right after the bell rings at the outside flagpole if they choose.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 18 at 6:00 p.m. and all community members are encouraged to attend.