Governing Council Committees

2021-2021 GC Committee Roster & Meeting Information

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Governing Council Committees for the  2021-2022 School Year

Community involvement in decision making is very important to Mountain Phoenix Community School. Since widespread public participation in school policy making is the best guarantee that community interests will be reflected in the school program, a variety of advisory committees, comprised of Mountain Phoenix community members, are formed to facilitate community input. Such committees, under the direction of the Governing Council (GC) or designee, make thorough studies of the subjects assigned to them and submit their findings and recommendations to the Board at its monthly meetings. All committees (except Personnel and MPAC) are open to the public. For more information on each group and how you can help, join the associated Parent Square group or contact the board at 


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to provide financial oversight and perform governing financial responsibilities on behalf of the Governing Council.  The Finance Committee develops and presents a 3-5 year rolling budget that is aligned with the strategic plan for approval; develops and presents the annual budget for each school year; provides recommendations to the Governing Council for the Strategic Plan Financial Goals; provides financial accountability with monthly and quarterly reviews of the actuals to budget to identify problems and resolutions; reviews and drafts business policy recommendations to the Governance Committee,  monitors business policy processes and procedures; mediates and make decisions regarding compromise on budget issues between the Director of Enrichment and Student Support and the Director of Education. 


The purpose of Mountain Phoenix Accountability Committee (MPAC) is to support the GC in its work to provide oversight of the school’s educational program and school culture. MPAC is the avenue for the Governing Council to gather, analyze and report on academic performance data and survey data, and works as oversight of  the school administration’s work to develop and implement Public Waldorf Education. MPAC looks through a lens of school sustainability, student equity, and accessibility when collecting, analyzing, and  sharing data. 

You can review the MPAC charter here


The Governance Committee is dedicated to supporting high-quality practices of the Governing Council. It is responsible for matters pertaining to Board recruitment, nominations, orientation, training, and evaluation in accordance with the school’s bylaws, as well as established policies and practices approved by the Board. 

You can review the Governance Committee charter here.


The purpose of the Master Planning Committee is to continue the short-term and long-term planning and coordination for matters that supports the MPCS physical campus, built environment and surrounding landscape & property.  Responsibilities include but not limited to: update annually a 3-5 year campus / facility master plan approach aligned with the strategic plan for approval by the Governing Council; assist in identifying consultants & contractors to economically & efficiently implement the project identified by the school to be completed; engage with the parent community & faculty / staff at large to solicit feedback for campus and facility improvements for both immediate needs and future long term growth; endeavor to improve the safety and security of the campus & facilities; search for and consider opportunities to expand the campus site and usable building spaces for class and special activities; improve playgrounds and facilities that supports the curriculum of active play & physical education; promote the school’s overall vision through the physical buildings & campus environment to support the educational goals of the school.

You can review the Master Planning Committee charter here.


The 5B Committee is responsible for determining how best to spend the money allocated from JeffCo School District as part of the 2019 5B Ballot measure. Responsibilities include (but are not limited to): prioritizing and selecting projects the 5B funds will be spent on, soliciting feedback and input from the community, creating a high level proposal for design and construction phases for Board and community review, creating detailed RFP for Design and Construction phases for Board approval and submission to potential companies, selecting architects and contractors to submit RFP, reviewing and selecting top 2 architect and contractor submittals for recommendation to Governance Council for selection, conducting monthly reviews with selected contractor on project status, processing and approving any project change requests.

You can review the 5B Committee Charter here.


The purpose of the Diversity and Inclusivity Committee is to inspire each stakeholder to cultivate an engaged, inclusive, and supportive community that embraces diversity and nurtures the evolving human experience. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: Community Building (Internal and External), Barrier Identification and Removal, Capacity Building (Internal), and data gathering on behalf of the Governing Council.


The purpose of the Personnel Committee is to develop human resources policies and procedures that are aligned with the values of the school of embracing human development and sustainable with current resources. The goal is to build repeatable and transparent processes for all employees.

You can review the Personnel Committee charter here.


The purpose of the Grant Writing Committee is to work collaboratively with Mountain Phoenix Community School teachers, staff, administrators, parents/caregivers, School committees and Board to investigate, identify and assist in the submission of grant applications for projects aligned with the mission and vision of MPCS.

You can review the Grant Writing Committee charter here.