Community involvement in decision making is very important to Mountain Phoenix Community School. Since widespread public participation in school policy making is the best guarantee that community interests will be reflected in the school program, a variety of advisory committees, comprised of Mountain Phoenix community members, are formed to facilitate community input. Such committees, under the direction of the Council or designee, make thorough studies of the subjects assigned to them and submit their findings and recommendations to the Council. All committees shall follow the expectations set forth in this policy.

Standing Committees

School Accountability Committee

The School Accountability Committee meets every month, starting in September. (Exact dates can be found on the master calendar, and will be determined at their first meeting.)

If you are interested in attending the meeting or joining the school accountability committee, please contact Sarah Landreth.

Chair: Sarah Landreth

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee meets on the third Wednesday of the month except when holidays require a change. Reference the master calendar to confirm this month’s meeting date.

If you are interested in attending the meeting or joining the finance committee, please contact Samantha Siffring.

Chair: Samantha Siffring

Master Planning Committee

The Master Planning Committee meets the first Friday of every month, starting in August. (Exact dates can be found on the master calendar and will be determined at the first meeting.) For more information about the Master Planning Committee, contact Jeff Whilite.

Chair: Jeff Whilite

Policy Task Force Committee

The Policy Task Force Committee will be meeting weekly this school year to prepare for the Charter Renewal. For more information about the Policy Task Force, please contact Don Toups.

Chairs: Don Toups

Governing Council Election Committee

Meets Feb-May. Contact Jeff Wilhite.