Late Pickup Policy Reminder

Please remember:

  • If you have not picked up your child by 3:45 (in pick up line) and they are brought to the main office, you may be charged a $25 late fee.
  • After 4:15, there will be $5 added for every 5 minutes past 4:15 that you are late.   
  • The office closes at 4:00!  Please be respectful of the working hours of our office staff.  
  • If we have not had contact with a parent or guardian by 4:15, we will be calling the Wheat Ridge Police to accompany the child until someone arrives. The police officer may choose to call Social Services if there has still been no contact with a parent or guardian.   
  • When picking up your child late, please be sure to sign them out.  
  • On Friday, all procedures remain the same, with times being 2 hours earlier to reflect the 1:30 pick up time.  
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