Introducing Our Newest Staff Member – Shannon Fiedler, Volunteer Liaison

Dear MPCS Community,

Our lovely charter school is a world that is made richer due, in part, to how our volunteers support the classrooms, committees, and school-wide events. As a second year parent at MPCS, I’ve been amazed and energized by what I see parents and family members doing to make our school a beautiful haven for our children.

As the Volunteer Liaison, I am honored to join Sandra Konta in organizing volunteer opportunities so you can easily and enjoyably fulfill your 40-hour volunteer requirement. And for those of you who do complete the 40-hour requirement, be on the lookout for a little thank you from us!

Please feel free to stop by and say hello on Mondays, (my desk is upstairs in a little nook in Dirk’s office), or send me an email at I would love to hear about your personal volunteer experience, and also offer assistance with HelpCounter or connect you with new volunteer opportunities.

I look forward to meeting many new faces around campus in the coming months. 

Shannon Fiedler

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