Fun Run

Due to COVID-19: Please note that this year we are planning to host the Fun Run in spring 2021, instead of fall 2020.

About Fun Run

The Fun Run, sponsored by the MPCS Foundation, is school’s first fundraiser of the year and is typically one our largest moneymakers.

We strive to make all children feel they can participate regardless of their running ability. It’s supposed to be fun, right? We are focusing on lump sum donations (vs. per lap pledges) and are encouraging that each child raise at least $100 in order to meet our event goal of raising $45,000!  The total raised during the 2019 Fun Run campaign is $46,734.

What Does the Money Go Toward?

The money raised from FUN RUN goes towards:

  • The Games department
  • Campus enhancements (like our beautiful and beloved grades playground, and a new future ECE playground)
  • Music, Art, and Theater programs
  • Continuing education for our teachers
  • Field trips
  • Scholarships for instruments

For each classroom that reaches its financial goal a monetary reward will be earmarked for that classroom’s specific needs. This year, each classroom has the ability to earn $500 towards their classroom accounts when they reach their fundraising goal