Submit a Fundraising Idea

There are a wide range of fundraising activities that our community conducts on behalf of the school. These activities include large-scale programs (e.g., Fun Run) that the whole school benefits from and participates in. They also include smaller activities that raise funds for a specific class /group such as MPCS apparel sales, restaurant night events, and retail store promotions where a portion of the sales go back to the school.


For more information on the scope of our fundraising efforts, read the MPCS Fundraising Policy.

Do you have a fundraising idea? 

In order to maximize our fundraising efforts (and avoid scheduling conflicts and fundraising “fatigue”) all school philanthropy is coordinated through the Fundraising Committee, which includes representation from school administrators, faculty and operations, as well as members from the Governing Council, Parent Council, and Foundation. 

If you have a fundraising idea you would like the Fundraising CommitteeFoundation to consider, please fill out the MPCS Fundraiser Proposal Form and submit for approval by the Fundraising Committee. When completing this form, be as detailed as possible, providing as much information as you can about anticipated expenses, expected income, volunteer logistics, etc. 

The Fundraising Committee typically makes a decision within one week and will reach out if there are any additional details that are needed to make a decision. Be sure to submit your fundraiser request at least a month before the proposed event. Planning your fundraiser early helps to ensure it’s a success!