Teacher Development

Teacher Development Programs

The MPCS Foundation has two programs that support teacher development.

Early Childhood Teachers Attending Training

The Continuing Education program allows any teacher can ask for up to $500 a year to take courses which advance their development. These expenses need to be approved by the Director of Education.

The Certification Tuition Assistance program helps lead teachers receive support from the MPCS Foundation towards getting their Waldorf Certification. There are many details that go into this program and also an agreement for teachers to sign. In sum, the Foundation helps by paying for tuition, travel and lodging for lead teachers getting their Waldorf Certification. We pay 50% of expenses up to $4k per year for up to 3 years. Teachers who receive these benefits agree to teach at our school for at least 3 years after finishing their certification.

Required Forms

  1. Teachers need to sign the Tuition Assistance agreement (for the Certification Tuition Assistance program):
  2. Teachers need to record their expenses (for both the Continuing Education program and the Certification Tuition Assistance program)

Reimbursement Process

We reimburse teachers for these expenses twice a year.

  • In December for expenses incurred in the summer (paperwork due Nov 1st).
  • In May for expenses incurred during the school year (paperwork due by Apr 1st).

No teacher can receive more than $4k/year in combined support from the Foundation.