Welcome to the New MPCS Web Site

We have highlighted some features below.

Streamlined Navigation and Content

We carefully planned out the structure of the site to facilitate navigation. We hope that you will be able to easily find the content that you need and that it is written in a manner that is clear and accessible. We will continue to shape and refine the content as we learn and grow.

We still have a couple pages to finish and are working on several new ones behind the scenes.

Master Calendar

We now have a master calendar. Built in Google Calendar, you can easily add it to your phone, tablet, and personal calendar (Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.). For instructions, see here. ICAL, XML, and HTML info is listed on the bottom of the Master Calendar Page. In addition to the master calendar page, there is also calendar feed conveniently located on our homepage that shows the 10 next upcoming events.

Current News, Event Info, Volunteer Opportunities, Giving Opportunities, & More

The posting feature allows us to easily share up-to-date information with the community. For example, we can quickly communicate current volunteer opportunities, in-depth event information, school news, Parent Council agendas, profiles of student work, Governing Council meeting summaries, messages from the Main Office, and much more.

The four photos on the top of the homepage lead to the most important/current information.


Below them,  you will find the next most current news, events, volunteer opportunities, and giving opportunities.


Responsive Design Coming Soon

The web site is not currently “responsive,” which means it is not configured for easy viewing on phones and tablets. We will have that done within a month. Also exciting, the web site will sync with The Weekly Reporter by the end of September!

We will share any significant updates with the community as they happen.


We would like to thank our extremely dedicated web redesign committee composed of MPCS mamas and papas who generously volunteered their professional skills to complete this project. Thank you to Terry Cabeen for bringing your experience with information architecture and programming. Thank you to Bonnie Roman for offering your artist’s eye, design lens, and organizational skills.  Marnie Michels, our graphic designer, thank you for patiently guiding us through the process of co-creating a design and spending hours and hours making it a reality. Lastly, thank you to Josh Southern for being our rockstar developer and going above and beyond in every way!

Also, a big thank you to Stephanie Trahant for editing the web site before its big debut!

Questions, Suggestions, or Corrections?

Help us make this web site the best it can be. Play around and explore and if you have any questions, suggestions, or corrections, please email Sandra.