Notice of Governing Council Election

MPCS will have two seats open next year, one appointed seat and one elected seat. The Governing Council is looking for interest and nominations for both seats. The term on the council will start at the beginning of the school fiscal year, July 1, 2017, for a duration of three years. Details on the election will be announced soon. This notice serves to inform the public of the election timeline, voter eligibility, and requirements of candidacy.

The election is administered by the Governing Council through the Council Election Committee (CEC). The CEC is composed on one member of the GC (Sarah Landreth), one member of the administration (TBD), one faculty member (Michele Ford Kuntz), and two parents (TBD).

Eligible voters are current parents, legal guardians, faculty, staff, administrators, and Governing Council Representatives. Each eligible voter is allowed one vote. No votes shall be counted from any person who casts more than one vote.

To become a candidate, the individual must satisfy the following criteria:

  • They shall be at least eighteen years of age.
  • They must not be a paid employee of the school.
  • They shall submit a letter of interest accompanied by a 1­-2 page resume and a signed Candidate Intent and Acknowledgement Form to the CEC. The form references the Governing Council Statement of Agreement, which will also be available on the website. The documents shall be submitted via email to committee representative Sarah Landreth (

In addition, all candidates are required to announce their candidacy in person and participate in a question and answer forum hosted by the Council Election Committee on Saturday, May 13.

If you have questions about these requirements or feel you should be granted a waiver for any of the requirements, please include information in your letter of intent.

The GC election is in compliance with the Governing Council Election Policy and Governing Council Succession Policy.  The full content of these policies is available to the public and may be accessed through the MPCS website.

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