Still Time to Earn Money for MPCS (Donation Drive Ends October 16th)


The wonderful parents who organized the Secondhand Sale last weekend also arranged for our school to receive a monetary donation from ARC for every box of items that is dropped off at the donation center.

If you are still planning on decluttering and donating items, this is a great opportunity to also support the school. The donation drive continues through October 16th. If you drop off donations, please make sure to mention Mountain Phoenix Community School.

This message is to remind everyone that the donation drop-off location is a donation site, and not the Arvada store.

Ward Road Donation Station
12345 W. 58th Ave.
Arvada, CO 80002
Hours 8am-6pm
Phone 303-431-1096

It would also be helpful if you spread the word to neighbors or any businesses who might have donations to drop off. One of our parents reached out to several local businesses (dry cleaners, laundry mats, storage units, and a few yard sales) last weekend.
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