Parent Ambassadors

From time to time, you may have the opportunity to speak about Mountain Phoenix Community School. It may be a casual conversation with a community member or chatting about our school with a parent in line at the grocery store, or you may be asked to represent our school at a community-wide event, such as WheatRidge RidgeFest.

You can also participate in our Friendly Phoenix Families program, in which you help a new family on campus become acclimated our school. You can learn more about this initiative here: Find a Friendly Phoenix Family.

Because we know that our parents are the some of the best people to promote help promote our school, and we want to give you some talking points that you can share in conversations.

Understanding Public Charter Schools

First, you may need to clarify what a charter school is! There are many misconceptions about public charter schools, and perhaps you may have an opportunity to educate someone on why public charter schools are an important option for families.

Please see the following documents about public charter schools:

CO Charter Public School Basics

CO Charter Public School Myth vs. Fact

Understanding Curriculum Guided By the Core Principles of Public Waldorf Education

About MPCS


Understanding the Mountain Phoenix Community Life


Community Life



Friendly Phoenix Families

If you have signed up to be a Friendly Phoenix Family, we are so grateful! In speaking with a new family, if you find that there is a question that you don’t know the answer to, please find the appropriate contact on the How Can We Help? webpage. If the family has a concern that needs to be addressed by staff, please share the Guidelines for Parent Questions, Concerns, and Conflicts webpage.

How Can We Help?

Guidelines for Questions, Concerns, and Conflicts