Parent Enrichment Evening with Eugene Schwartz

Eugene Schwartz, former Waldorf class teacher, researcher, playwrite, author, lecturer and philosopher will be here June 6-7 for staff professional development. He will give a community talk on Thursday evening, June 7 from 6:30-8.

The theme of his talk will be focused on developing human relationships in our times, really going deeper into the Alliance for Public Waldorf education Core Principle 4. Below are several sites people can visit to get more information about Eugene. ( at the top are links to many free resources, student work slideshows etc) (this links to a short biography, which in turn links to a list of schools he has visited and lectures he has given) (This links to 230 videos Eugene has created on Vimeo, many of which may be viewed without a passcode) (These are on a homeschooler’s website, describing her work with the Online Conferences

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