Health Office

Our Health Office at MPCS is comprised of a full-time health assistant of whom is overseen by a School Nurse Consultant through The Children’s Hospital School Health Program.

The School Nurse Consultant functions as a liaison between the school, the community, and The Children’s Hospital by providing information, referrals and resources. The Nurse Consultant assists the school to provide the safest, most appropriate health care within the school setting.

The School Nurse Consultant provides supervision, training, delegation, and contributes in the evaluation of the Health Assistant who provides direct health services. The Health Assistant is a non-medical person employed by the District and is certified in CPR and First Aid.

The Health Assistant cannot give medical opinions concerning your child’s health. The health office does not function as a clinic.  If your child needs medical attention, please contact your health care provider.

*All medications (prescription and over-the-counter) administered at the school must be prescribed by a health care provider.  If your child requires any medication at school please contact the health office and pick up, or print the Medication Authorization Form (at the bottom of this page) to be filled out by your health provider and signed by the parent/guardian.  The school will not provide any medications to students.

We hope this information helps clarify the health services provided at your child’s school.

If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Moore, RN, MSN, CPEN at 720-951-7492. Thank you!

Immunization Info

Mountain Phoenix follows the Colorado Department of Education and Early Childhood licensing requirements regarding immunization compliance.

More information about immunization compliance and rates, visit the Colorado Department of Health and Environment website.

To review the required immunizations for the 2019-20 school year, please review the following forms: PreK Parent Immunization Letter and K-12 Parent Immunization Letter.

If you are opting out of immunization, please fill out one of the following forms:

Clinic Forms

“How Sick is Too Sick?”

Wondering whether your child is well enough to attend school? Please refer to this Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment document called “How Sick is Too Sick?