Inclement Weather Procedures

We want to remind you of our procedures regarding school operations during inclement weather.

MPCS makes every effort to remain open and to continue operating as long as we can safely do so. The safety of our students, parents, guardians, faculty, and staff is our primary concern.

Use Your Best Judgment
If you have any concerns about traveling to or from MPCS and independently decide to pick up your children early from school or keep them home from school, we respect that decision. If you decide to keep your child home, please notify the attendance office of your decision by calling 303-728-9100, ext. 1.

Late Starts
Sometimes, we will begin school late. We will do our best to communicate that decision as early as possible on our website (, via ParentSquare or School Messenger, and on Channel 9News. Generally, JeffCo does not use late starts so a decision to start late will be communicated on behalf of MPCS.

After School Pick Up

When there is severe weather (lighting, damaging hail or winds), all students will remain in their classrooms until the storm has passed, sheltering in place.

If this occurs during or close to pick up time, the school will send out a message via email/phone/text, notifying families that there is a potential that we will be under a Severe Weather Plan during pick up time. Our school is equipped with a weather alert machine, so we receive alerts being sent by the weather authorities.

If the weather is still not safe at pick up, students will remain in their classrooms until the decision has been made that it is safe to resume normal pick up procedures outside.  This may mean that your child is asked to stay in his/her classroom beyond normal pick up time.  Ideally, families will remain in the pick-up line or parking spots until the children are dismissed.  If you feel that it is important (and safe enough) to come get your child right away, you may come to their classroom/building and get them – if you are not blocking traffic.  We will have someone at the door of the primary and middle school buildings to assist you.  Families in ECE or the cottages may go directly to the classroom’s door.

If severe weather occurs unexpectedly when pick up has already begun, we will refer to the above plan and have all children and teachers go back to their classrooms.  If your child has permission to leave campus on their own or meet you somewhere other than the pick line, please make a plan with your child so they know how to stay safe.  Since they may already be dismissed by us, we will not know their whereabouts.  Of course they are welcome to take shelter in the main office.

Weather events may affect phone lines, or calls coming into the school may tie up phone lines. If you aren’t able to reach the school by phone during a weather event, please be patient.

We also understand storms may also impact the ability of drivers to arrive on time for student pick-up. In those instances, we will always hold any students not picked up (who are normally picked up by a driver, vs those who walk home) in the office until their ride arrives.

We will send a follow up message when the weather has passed and we are resuming normal dismissal.

As always, please be sure that your information in Jeffco Connect is up to date and you have specified notification preferences (checking the boxes next to phone/text/email), so that you can be sure to receive our messages.  Please call the main office if you have any questions.  Hopefully we won’t need this plan, but we want to make sure we are prepared and that your children are always safe!

Closure Procedures

MPCS will normally follow the lead of Jefferson County Schools, as our location places us within the county’s transportation routes. Therefore, if Jefferson County Schools are publicizing a county-wide closure, MPCS will close, as well. If our decision is different than JeffCo’s, the closure will be communicated via our website, ParentSquare, School Messenger, and on Channel 9News.

Event Cancellations
If we need to cancel events due to inclement weather, those decisions will always be posted on our web site’s home page. Sometimes, we have to cancel events when threatening weather is predicted after school hours. To be safe, please be sure to check our website before you get on the road.

As parents, you are asked to err on the side of caution. If you deem it unwise to travel or allow your child to travel, please take into consideration the conditions in your area. Again, safety is our first concern.

As always, please stay informed and travel safely.