Lunch Program and Pizza Fridays

My Kid’s Lunch

Updated on June 3, 2020: A notice from Michael’s of Denver catering

As we adjust to the potential changes in school food service we have developed some new choices. We understand that some schools may not have a cafeteria this year and may serve students in their classrooms or would like to have a grab n go menu for students to eat before or after classes. We now offer unitized hot and cold lunches that require no serving pieces so students can enjoy the same high quality meals they are accustomed to in an enclosed unitized meal. We offer most of the same choices we had last year plus some new meals and snacks, below you can see some samples of the unitized meals. 

Lunches are available for grades 1-8, but not for the Early Childhood department.

Link to My Kid’s Lunch:

Pizza Fridays

Orders can be placed at

Pizza Ordering Options:

  • One slice cheese
  • One slice pepperoni
  • Two slices cheese
  • Two slices pepperoni
  • Combination cheese and pepperoni
  • Gluten Friendly Cheese Pizza (one or two slices)
  • Order of Cheesy Bread
  • Order of CinnaSquares (NEW ITEM)’

*(Pizza comes with salad, choice of Caesar or Italian Dressing.)

Individual orders: One slice – $4.75 Second slice – $175 Cheesy Bread – $1.00 (three pieces) CinnaSquares – $1.00 (three squares)

For step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Pizza Fridays, review this document:

Pizza Fridays Sign Up Info

Free and Reduced

To qualify for Free and Reduced, you must fill out the 2020-21-FEDS-Application (this form will be added to the website soon), not the Free and Reduced Lunch form that is available on the Jefferson County district website.

Instructions to fill out the FEDS Application: 2020-21 FEDS Instructions (these instructions will be added to the website soon)

Gluten-Free for Free and Reduced

Students who receive meals at the free/reduced rate can also select from the Gluten Free menu selections.

When making a GF purchase, the student will receive your standard rate of supplementation and pay the $1.00 cost difference using a credit/debit card. This will provide these students with a greater variety of meals from which to accommodate any dietary preferences or restrictions they may have.

Please note: while the gluten free items do not have gluten in their recipe, they are not prepared in a dedicated kitchen and are not recommended for students with Celiac, or whose allergy is severe/life-threatening.


For questions regarding My Kid’s Lunch, contact Suzy Ross-Kumley.