Communication Tools

MPCS Monthly Newsletter

(For prospective families, alumni families, or anyone interested in learning more about the great things that happen at MPCS. This is not required for currently enrolled families, as they receive communications through ParentSquare.)

This monthly newsletter will include highlights from the previous month and upcoming events that are open to the community. We will share our fundraising accomplishments, our community involvement, and our festival life. Sign up using the form on the right-hand side of this page to get a peek into the MPCS world.

This newsletter is not intended for currently enrolled families, as relevant information is sent to you via ParentSquare and School Messenger.


(For currently enrolled families)

Starting for the 2017-2018 school year, we are adopting ParentSquare as our primary school-wide communication tool.

ParentSquare gives you the ability to see communications from the school, any classrooms in which you have a student, and any committees or groups, in one centralized place. You will also use ParentSquare to log your volunteer hours, post messages and pictures to your child’s classroom, and privately message your child’s teacher.

The Weekly Reporter will also be sent out via ParentSquare, which is a weekly post that publicizes reminders, news, and information on upcoming events.

All parents who updated their information in Jeffco Connect, which is a requirement for registration, will be sent an activation email for ParentSquare. You can also contact Shannon to add other family members/caregivers added to ParentSquare if they need to also receive messages from teachers and the school.

School Messenger

(For currently enrolled families)

We do our best to limit mass emails, phone calls, and text messages. Sometimes, they are necessary to highlight important information or to send out time-sensitive messages to the community. To ensure that you receive all school communications via School Messenger, please confirm your information is complete and correct in Jeffco Connect.

Social Media

(For everyone!)

MPCS has an active social media presence. Here are a few resources that may be of interest to you:

  • MPCS Facebook Page – Our Facebook page offers a window into the classroom and everyday life at MPCS and gives us a wonderful vehicle for sharing Waldorf news and resources. When needed, we also provide information on upcoming events and school requests. Like our Facebook page and be sure to sign up for notifications so that you don’t miss anything!
  • Phoenix Families Facebook Page – Phoenix Families is a private group only available to parents and/or guardians of students currently enrolled at Mountain Phoenix Community School. The purpose of this group is to interact more with the MPCS community for things such as posting Buy/Sale/Trade items, coordinating playdates, posting local events, asking for parenting resources, etc. This group is not moderated by school staff. It is a volunteer parent-led group. All opinions and views shared here are solely those of the individual expressing them. To join the Phoenix Families group, click here.
  • Buy/Sell/Trade MPCS Facebook Group – This is a private Facebook group only open to MPCS families that provides the opportunity for you to buy, sell, and trade gently used goods. To join the buy/sell/trade group, click here.
  • MPCS Instagram – To follow MPCS on Instagram, click here.
  • MPCS YouTube channel –