Past Announcments Regarding Learning in the 2020-2021 School Year

Special Communication: Return to Remote Learning

Updated November 13, 2020

MPCS Changes to Learning Through December 22, 2020

COVID-19 cases continue to increase in the Denver metro area. On Monday, November 9th, Jefferson County was moved to a Level Orange (Level 3) on the Dial Framework. The MPCS Governing Council had two special work sessions on November 5th and 9th to discuss moving forward for the remainder of the semester, as we were awaiting the Jeffco district decisions. The Jeffco School Board of Education met on November 12th and adopted the plan for all neighborhood schools to shift to remote learning shared yesterday. As a charter school, MPCS has the responsibility and latitude to make decisions which are in the best interest of our community and in compliance with state and local public health orders. The majority of reasons behind Jeffco’s decisions have been experienced on a smaller scale at MPCS.  However, we do have some variations for our model.

Pending MPCS Governing Council approval at the general meeting on Wednesday, November 18th, Mountain Phoenix will follow many of the school district recommendations and make the following changes at our school:

  • Grades 6 – 8 will shift to full remote learning from Nov. 16-Dec. 22 (MPCS administration has authority to enact this without formal GC approval).
  • Grades 1-5 students will follow their current schedule and continue with in-person/hybrid learning the week of November 16-20. Grades 1-5 will move to full remote learning from November 30-December 22.
  • Preschool and kindergarten (ECE) will be in session November 16-20. ECE will be full remote learning November. 30-December 4.  Preschool and kindergarten (ECE) will be full in-person December 7-22.
  • Grades 1- 8 will continue remotely until Winter Break, at which point MPCS, in collaboration with CDPHE, JCPH and Jeffco School District, will determine if we can return to in-person learning safely or need to continue with remote learning in January.  Decisions for the second semester for ECE will also be communicated over Winter Break.

At MPCS, we are making these changes following deliberations during the two recent GC special work sessions, weekly meetings with staff, input shared by non-employee community members and daily monitoring of the health situation. MPCS has decided to make these changes for the following reasons:

  • It means a reduction in the health risk for our staff and families, especially with upcoming holiday gatherings and travel that could increase school-wide cases.
  • It eliminates the problem of providing continuity in the educational program amid frequent quarantines, as well as the challenges of staff shortages we experienced during recent quarantines.
  • It provides our faculty the ability to focus on delivering high quality remote learning in the coming weeks.
  • It affords peace of mind and predictability for those families and staff who are wondering what to expect day-to-day.

Our teaching team and non-instructional staff are grateful for every single day we had of in-person learning and believe it went a long way to re-establishing our student’s bond to the school, their teachers, and each other. We hope that this change can be viewed as an opportunity to help our kids learn a bit more about time management, being self-directed, and overcoming adversity.


FAQ for Phase II Learning

Updated October 17, 2020

Thank you to everyone for your patience as we gathered both questions and answers related to Phase II Learning.

You will find answers to questions in the Phase II Frequently Asked Questions


Restart Mountain Phoenix Plan

Updated July 31, 2020 

Dear Mountain Phoenix Community School Families, Staff, and Community Members,

As the start of the new school year approaches, we wish to share more detailed information from the Restart Mountain Phoenix Plan regarding the fall semester.

From mid-June to today, MPCS administration, staff, and volunteer members of our community (including Parent Council, Governing Council, Diversity/Inclusivity committee and many individuals sharing information) have been communicating and collaborating to create a plan that balances the health of our students and staff with the return to a learning atmosphere that encourages and nurtures our students to flourish. The “plan” has continuously changed during the summer months, but our team members have remained steadfast and are confident that this plan is in the overall best interest of our community.

In developing this plan, our first steps included listening to parents/caregivers, teachers and support staff, students and volunteer committee members and consulting with local, state and national experts and other Jeffco charter schools, public Waldorf schools and the Jeffco school district..

After listening and gathering information, we deliberately structured our plan to sustain a healthy school environment, to offer choices for our families not ready to come back, and to plan for future possibilities. This plan was developed knowing it may be necessary to adjust to ever-changing circumstances concerning COVID-19.

All of our policies and procedures are up-to-date with current state and national public health guidelines and may change if guidelines or orders are adjusted. While we know most families are hopeful for a plan to return to campus, attendance policy in Colorado continues to permit your children to attend from home through remote learning. We are continuing to offer the remote learning access we provided this past spring as an option.

We ask that you review the entire Restart Mountain Phoenix Plan in the PDF attached here.

We are truly appreciative of you—our students, families and our staff—for your flexibility and the determination, patience and understanding you have displayed in the last several months. We look forward to the upcoming school year.

Michael Heffernan (Director of Education)
Maggie Payne (Director of Enrichment and Student Support)

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