PC Seeking Chairs for the May Faire, Sustainability, & Grandparents’ Day Committees

Sustainability Committee Chair Needed

The sustainability committee works with MPCS administration, maintenance personnel, teachers and students to explore, plan and implement strategies that improve school recycling, energy use, and other “green” initiatives. If you are interested, please email the Parent Council.

Seeking May Faire Committee Chair

This festival marks the welcome of spring as dew drops gather on baby buds, as the sun begins to waken and as our soils begin to soften. This is a day filled with sweet spring activities such as dancing around the May pole, flower crowns, food and children’s activities. If you are interested in chairing this committee, please write Parent Council.

Seeking Grandparents’ Day Chair

Grandparents’ Day is a wonderful tradition that provides grandparents and significant elders with the opportunity to experience our school’s unique culture. Equally important, it gives our students the chance to show their appreciation for the precious role that their elders play in their lives. Interested in bringing your gifts to this special celebration? Email Parent Council.