Renovation Starting This Month on New Elementary Playground!

There will be a new elementary playground when the children return to school in August! The landscape architects from Urban Play Studio are now finalizing details and will be leading the build with local contractors over the summer. We are very excited to be using them as they have a deep understanding of creative and natural play. Excavation of the current playground will begin as soon as school is out!

While we are still finalizing details and which equipment we will ultimately choose, we wanted to show you a draft plan and some of the features the playground may have so that you get a feel for how representative it will be of our community’s shared values and how unique and wonderful it will be for our children.

Request for Input

Help decide which playground equipment will best serve our community! The Master Planning Committee would like your input on the plan for the playground sometime during the week of June 19. Interested? Please email Dirk at


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